• Image of Panoramic - Canvas Print

Title: Rooms
Size: Various. Mirror wrapped canvas, 1-1/2" stretcher.

Printed on a cotton blend canvas that is 80% cotton, using 12-color archival inks rated for 100+ years and with very accurate color representation.

Sprayed with an acrylic sealant that provides water resistance, UV resistance, and scratch resistance.

The stretcher bars are solid wood that has been kiln dried. Using wood means that the canvas will not warp over time and is much more durable than any other synthetic materials that are available.

All canvases are stretched by hand and do not use any glue in the process. Canvases are stapled into the wood to ensure that the canvas will stay nice and taut. Stretching by hand means the correct stretch for every canvas, and not using glue means the canvas will stay stretched, as glue wears down over time.

Comes complete with attached mounting hardware, and carefully packaged and shipped to you directly from the lab.